Sewing Tips For Beginners

Sewing Tips For BeginnersSewing is one of the hobbies that take a lot of time to master. To move from the status of a beginner to apro, you need to put in a lot of time and effort, practicing the craft until you become perfect at sewing. As a beginner, you need to start with the basics and move up slowly towards perfection and professionalism. As a newbie, you’ll able to find expert best sewing machine for beginners with review guide. Here are some sewing tips for beginners that you may like to follow on your way to becoming a pro at sewing:

1. Become Acquainted With Your Sewing Machine– Did you just purchase your sewing machine? Or maybe you’ve done that but haven’t time to check it out? Well, now’s the time to do that. You need to become familiar with the levers and buttons on that machine. Get its user manual out of the sewing machine cabinet and learn what these knobs or buttons are used for. Sit down in front of it and test out the on/off switch (if it’s an electric sewing machine). Is the power cord properly connected to the foot pedal? Go over the sewing machine methodically. Get familiar with every part of the sewing machine, from the bobbin to the foot pedal.

2. A sewing dictionary – Alright, this may sound a bit funny to you, but if you can get hold or have access to a sewing dictionary, you will be blessed by what you learn there. You can go online and search for sewing sites or discussion boards, and you will soon come across a sewing dictionary. The best types come with lots of colored pictures, so you get to learn about the terminologies that are mostly used in the sewing industry.

3. Don’t Get Frustrated With Yourself When You Mess Up– You may have heard somewhere that Rome was not built in a day; that is correct. Therefore, you should cut yourself some slack when you don’t get your lines perfectly straight. Get this shocker: your lines may never be straight for months, or even for several years. That wasn’t meant to discourage you; others have passed through this route and are professionals now. So giving up is not an option; set yourself to persevere and continue to practice.

4. Take Short Breaks– when you find that you are getting frustrated behind the sewing machine, it’s time for you to take a break. Do something that is not connected to sewing; go for a walk in your garden or around the house, get yourself a quick snack. When you are refreshed, get back behind that sewing machine and plough on.

5. Have Fun– Do you know Steve Jobs? Yeah, the founder of the Apple corporation? Well, he said something; you need to love your work so much that it doesn’t look like work to you anymore. Sewing is a hobby, and even if you have plans of expanding it to become a big business, you need to enjoy the journey. Have fun while striving towards perfection.

6. Follow Professionals Online– Another factor that will enhance your knowledge as regards sewing is to follow people who have become experts at sewing. A majority of these individuals have sites or blogs as well as social media handles which you can subscribe to and follow each of their teaching series. Engaging in the discussions in forums will also reveal ideas and techniques about sewing fabrics.