8 Human Foods That Cats Can Eat?


If you’re a responsible cat owner, you probably limit or even restrict the amount of human food that you feed him. You’re definitely on the right track as too much people food can make cats sick or even overweight.

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However, there are some human foods that cats can eat in moderation without any problems. If your cat seems uninterested in his usual food, try feeding him some of these options to see if his appetite changes.

What Human Food Can Cats Eat?

1) Peanut Butter is one of the best foods that cats can eat. The natural, preservative free kind that is, is safe and delicious for cats to eat. Most of them are quite fond of it, so it can be used to conceal medicine or for an occasional tasty treat.

2) Cheese. Just like humans, cats love cheese. You can offer your pet small amounts of cheese at a time, but beware of lactose intolerance-a common condition in humans that can affect cats too.

3) Yogurt is full of nutrients and especially probiotics, which are healthy for your pets digestive system. Give your cat some plain, all-natural yogurt so he can receive some extra nutrition.

4) Watermelon is one of the safest fruits for cats. In fact, any kind of melon is safe for canines to eat in moderation. Avoid mixing watermelon with other fruits and feeding them to your pet, though, before asking a veterinarian if it’s okay.

5) Salmon is typically enjoyed by dogs, but that doesn’t mean cats can’t enjoy it too! Salmon contains plenty of protein and omega-3 fatty acids which will help your cat maintain a healthy immune system, skin and fur coat.

6) Rice is another safe human food that cats can eat. They may not enjoy it as much as all of your other food, but it can be just what your pup needs if he is experiencing stomach problems. White rice is the way to go when it comes to cats because it is easier for them to digest.

7) Carrots do not seem like a typical cat food, but chances are that your pet will like them. They are rich in vitamin and minerals including vitamin C, vitamin B6, iron and potassium. Try steaming, chopping or shredding them to see what your cat likes best.

8) Meat. If you’re a cat owner, you have probably realized that cats love meat. Chicken, turkey, fish, beef, you name it, they love it. Whatever you choose to feed him, make sure it’s free of bones and completely cooked. It is also better to feed cats organic meat that doesn’t contain any preservatives or extra ingredients.

Now, this doesn’t mean you can start feeding your cat these foods in place of his own formulated cat food, but you can give him them as treats occasionally.

This will help fend off boredom with his food and even prevent him from becoming overweight. Remember that you should ask a veterinarian first if you have any doubts about a food, and have fun experimenting with your pet!