Can A Humidifier Help Dry Skin?

This article can a humidifier help dry skin will enlighten you. As always, we would start by defining the key words in this topic/text.

Humidifier: This is a device that helps regulate the amount of moist or water in the air or atmosphere.

Dry Skin: This is a condition whereby the skin is dehydrated or lacks water/moist. The skin looks parched and signs of a dry skin include breaking, cracking and at times bleeding. Check for best humidifier for dry skin

Can A Humidifier Help Dry Skin?

It is a known natural and scientific fact that as ones ages, it becomes increasingly more difficult for ones skin to retain moisture. Factors like heat, cold, harsh soaps, frequent bathing and sun exposure also take their toll on your skin.

Increasing the amount of moisture/humidity in your office, living room, bedroom can often help relieve dry skin, especially when it is used frequently.

A portable humidifier in the living room and bedroom can add enough moisture to the air to keep your skin from drying out.

It is also important to know that there are recommended levels for using a humidifier. 45 and 55 percent is recommended as being OK by the American osteopathic college of dermatology while approximately 30 to 50 percent is recommended by the CNN health website. You can measure humidity in the air with a hygrometer or relative humidity gauge. Such devices are available at most top electronics or hardware stores.

Do Not Overuse: Like other electronic and mechanical devices a humidifier should not always be in use or over use. During the cold season or spring and fall as it called in some countries, most homes maintain a good humidity level and at such times a humidifier might not be needed unless one has a central air condition which could lower humidity and at such times the humidifier would be needed as well as during the summer or dry season.

The ways/advantages of a humidifier has been outlined. As well as precautions and measures to be taken when using a humidifier so as to be able to derive maximum benefits/satisfaction as well as avoid risk associated with using a humidifier.