Swift Caravan Windows

Classic Motorhomes you will find at an Auto Museum

swift caravan windows have been manufactured by the Swift Group for over 50 years. As the UK's largest motor home, campervan and touring caravan builders, Swift windows are primarily made up of Polyplastic. You will find swift caravan windows in several vehicles, including Escape, Bessacarr, Motorhomes Swift and even Sprite. Similarly, these signature windows are available in classic Swift caravans, as well as Sprite brand motor homes and vehicles.

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Classic Motorhomes on Display

The fascination with motor homes is shared by many families across the UK. After all, there is nothing like camping under the stars or enjoying caravans for family vacations and retreats. From Autocruise campervans to motor homes that were considered new just a decade ago -- you will find a range of classic campers at most Auto Museums. Like the name suggests, these vehicles are now considered older -- and the ones from years past --may even be labeled vintage. Let's take a look at some of the motor homes and campervans you might find at vehicle museums across the country.

1972 Citroen HY Van

The popular H Van series was manufactured by the French automaker Citroen. The first lines were produced in 1947 with Type H, H-Type and HY versions added later. This light truck panel van initially featured a simple front wheel, and was very popular after World War II. In fact, a total of 473,289 Citroen camper van and motor-homes were produced in French and Belgian factories for over 30 years.

The Revcon Trailblazer Motorhome

While much more recent than the Citroen, the Revcon Trailblazer Motorhome was considered the first off-road unit of its kind. There are series within this popular line, including the Class B model which was based on the Ford F350 crew cab chasis. As a front-wheel drive aluminum coach, Revcon Trailblazers were -- at one time --the class of the industry. No truer is this than in the mid 90s, which was the height of popularity for these camper vans and motorhomes. The Trailblazer was specifically designed to handle rugged terrain, and could easily be nestled under trees and inside forests. The inside cab and interiors were synonymous with comfort and convenience as well.

The Clark Cortez Motorhome

The Cortez Motorhome is as classic, antique and vintage as you can get. As a Class-A motor coach, these models were designed in the USA between 1963 and 1979. In fact, there were around 3,211 units built in and around Battle Creek, Michigan. These motorhomes features four speed manual, along with front-wheel drive. The Class-A series featured integrated units, along with the engine and chassis. However, the Class B and C series were designed on top of the truck chassis. The Cortez Motorhome is a popular unit that is usually on showcase at auto museums or vintage car shows across the country.